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  1. High Energy Physics Particle Periodic Table Research Software Project Pages

  2. Big Bertha Thing Scientific Cartoon Project Pages

  3. First Two Battles of Cyberspace Pages(Triology of 301 Files Postings)

  4. Planets Gather Planetarium Videos

  5. Table of Planetary System Orbits and Gathering Periods (K2)

  6. Newsgroup Reviews

  7. Newsgroup Postings Archive

  8. Contact and Password Area

1. Research Software Project Pages

  1. High Energy Particle Physics Extract

  2. Model of Electron (Quark/Lepton)

  3. Small Pair Particle Table (Pair10th) Tutorial

  4. Small Pair Particle Table (Pair16th) 158 solids

  5. Small Pair Particle Table (Pair17th) 2724 solids

  6. The Outlandish Particle Periodic Table (Classical)

  7. Outlandish Solids of Three Polygons

  8. Outlandish Particle Periodic Table Complete Series

  9. PASTURES (Particle Structure Results) Research Software (F95)

  10. Old Astronomy Book Sale Series

  11. White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, And Black Holes

  12. Calculate PI upto 3000 decimal places (obsolete)

2. Cartoon Project Pages

  1. Big Bertha Thing Complete Series

  2. Spam Attack Strategic Studies

  3. Spam Attack Victim Support Group

  4. Unified Quantum Mechanical Relativity

  5. Net Access Policy Cosmic Rays

  6. Big Bertha Thing Nation

3. Double Trilogy of 301 Files Postings and Pastures Software (use Dosbox)

  1. First Aid Tent Munitions Arm the World

  2. Student Research Faculty Redoubt Projects Cosmic Rays

  3. Irresistible Force Retrenchment Last Page

  4. Prefix SRF Classical to Astronomy, Maths, Physics and Chemistry (posts)

  5. Postings for SRF Classical Astronomy

  6. Postings for SRF Classical Mathematics and Astronomy

Big Bertha Thing city

There are many different support groups out there. The most they need is a cardboard-cut-out person, with a pair of ears attached. The work gives it flesh, blood, lungs and air to breath, grow and mature, to a well rounded individual. Such as these do not sit in the councils of state, but upon them is the city built and without them it cannot stand.

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